The Complete Package to Self-publish Your Own Book

Includes the creation of a paperback and ebook edition
Amazing value - only £249

This is genuine self-publishing - you are the publisher - we provide resources to help you succeed


What we offer

Our self-publishing service is a simple, cost-effective and economical package that enables you to self-publish your book as a printed edition and ebook that can be sold through all major channels.

Most authors are motivated to self-publish in order to save costs and to have complete control. Unfortunately, the majority of self-published authors fail miserably not normally because they write bad books but because they make naïve mistakes. “You don’t know what you don’t know.

We guide you in the things you want to do yourself and save you from doing the tricky technical jobs that can easily go wrong.

What You Get

  • You are provided with a detailed guide that explains what you need to do and how to do it – avoiding the traps and pitfalls.
  • We convert your manuscript files into versions suitable for commercial printing and publication as an ebook – no need to get bogged down in tricky technical issues.
  • You have access to very cost effective printing – Print on Demand (PoD) – the cost per copy is competitively low. You buy as many or as few copies as you want as and when you want.
  • You can obtain additional specialist resources on a pay-as-you need-it basis – If you do want extra help then you only buy it as and when you need it.
  • You have easy access to help and guidance if you get stuck.

Further details

You are provided with a guide on what you need to do and a “safety net” in terms of advice and support if you happen to run into problems.  The guide gives details of how to format and lay out the pages and the cover. It also explains other things such as how you can obtain your own ISBN numbers (which is used to identify your book in the international book catalogue).

We take care of printing and ebook production  but it’s much more than a print and production service.  You receive detailed advice and guidance about what to do and we do various checks to make sure the printing and ebook production goes smoothly.

Most self-publishing authors are able to source for themselves help with page formatting, editing, proof-reading and artwork – often through friends and family,  so we provide these as cost-effective extras to our package which keeps you costs down to the essentials.   There are lots of good freelance specialist who can do these jobs too if you can’t access the right people yourself.  You still come out with a book at reasonable costs.

If you get stuck we can provide you with additional help on a pay-as-you need-it basis. For example, we can create covers, create illustrations, edit and proofread. However, in most cases it will be more cost effective to upgrade to publish with us.

What does it cost?

Our total fee is £249.  You’ll end up with a good quality paperback edition and ebook edition.  In particular, you are able to order as many or as few copies of the paperback as you wish as and when you wish.  These  paperbacks are at very competitive costs.  The ebook file  is in a format that can be loaded onto all major on-line eBook stores, including Amazon Kindle.

Further Information

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    Safety net

    If at any point during the process you run into difficulties we advise and guide you.   Also, if at any time you find things too difficult or time-consuming you can always upgrade to our normal publishing package – which does offer some of the benefits of self publishing. In particular, you can buy as many of as few copies of your book as you want when you want at cost price.